Our Mission

Our mission at Flow is to be recognised within both the healthcare and patient communities as the Centre of Excellence for Cardiovascular and Diabetes care on the Gold Coast. The Specialist Doctors providing consultations from our rooms include Cardiologists, an Endocrinologist and Nephrologist. Supporting these specialists is our team of dedicated Health Professionals.

The Cardiologists deliver detailed and accurate Cardiac testing reports with modern onsite Echocardiogram and Stress Echocardiogram facilities.  Our efficient administrative team provide  prompt results to our referrers allowing them to effectively provide care to their patients.

Our Values

Flow's service is delivered with the core values of integrity, professional excellence, compassion and teamwork. Above all, we place our patient's wellbeing as our highest priority in order to optimise their health outcomes.

Our Vision

Our vision for Flow Health & Flow Cardiac Diagnostics is to bring exceptional and wholistic Cardiovascular care under one roof. A multifaceted Specialist Centre and Cardiac Diagnostic service that integrates seamlessly with our community of General Practitioners. It is our aim to provide exceptional support for the Specialists to ensure a seamless patient experience as well as accurate and timely cardiac testing and reports to our GP community. We deliver this exceptional, holistic service through a team of skilled and caring Health Professionals and administrative staff.