Flow Health & Cardiac Diagnostics welcomes referrals via email and fax however our preferred method is via Medical Objects. Each of our Doctors can be found on the Medical Objects directory or simply search for  “Flow Cardiac Diagnostics”.

Electronic referral templates are available for download below. Please contact our reception staff on 07 56476001 if you’d prefer delivery of pre-printed referral pads.

Email us if you prefer paper referrals to be delivered.

MBS Criteria for Cardiac investigations

The MBS criteria for Cardiac testing was updated on 1st August 2020. The main impact on GP referrals centre around referral criteria and time between testing.

Echos and Stress Echo GP referrals are limited to one every two years. Testing required within these intervals will require assessment and referral by a specialist or cardiologist.

New criteria for GP referred investigations are outlined below: