What is a 24 hour blood pressure monitor?

A 24 hour BP monitor is a battery-operated portable device that measures your blood pressure at regular intervals throughout the 24 hours. The BP cuff is worn around your non-dominant arm, and the recording device is placed in a small pouch, worn over your shoulders.

The recordings are usually programmed for every half hour throughout the day, then every hour through the night.


Why should I have a 24 hour BP Monitor?

Your doctor may refer you for a 24-hour BP monitor to look for:

  1. How much your blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day and night.

  2. ‘White coat’ hypertension.


How do I prepare for the 24 hour BP monitor?

No preparation is required for a 24 Hour BP monitor, however you may choose to shower prior to having the monitor applied if you are not comfortable taking the monitor off and replacing after a shower.


What happens during the 24 hour BP monitor?

A blood pressure cuff is placed, usually on your non-dominant arm.

The blood pressure is taken automatically at the programmed times, there is nothing you will need to do to the device during the 24 hour period.

You will be shown how to turn off the device once the 24-hour period is over.

When you feel the cuff tightening for a BP reading, let your arm rest by your side (if possible) until the reading has completed.

When the 24-hour period is finished, you can turn off the device, and return it to Flow.


What are the risks of a 24 hour BP monitor?

Wearing a 24-hour BP monitor is very safe.

Some people may feel their arm is a little sore or sometimes bruised from the frequent pressure checks. Occasionally people may have a mild rash, from the cuff, but this usually goes away without treatment.