What is a holter monitor?

What is a Holter Monitor?

Our Holter Monitors are wireless. We have a My Patch worn for 24 hours or a Rooti patch worn for 5-7 days. Both are light-weight devices designed to record your heart rate and rhythm during everyday activities. The device gives maximum opportunity to detect any abnormalities within your heart rhythm, without limiting constraints typically experienced with traditional wired monitoring.

Both monitors have a mechanism for you to either tap or push a button when you experience symptoms so these “events” are automatically brought to the attention of the reporting Cardiologist.

What Symptoms are Investigated with a Holter Monitor?
– Dizziness/Light headedness
– Chest pain
– Palpitations (pounding and/or fast heartbeat)
– Exertional symptoms
– Black outs/fainting
– Cardiac arrythmias

What are the risks of wearing a Holter Monitor?

Some patients have a skin sensitivity reaction to the electrodes or the tape used to hold the device in place. Please alert the staff fitting your monitor if you have known allergies to adhesives.
Please remove the monitor if the area becomes too painful or itchy and return your device. If removed early, we will have data recorded up-to the point of removal. Please let us know if you have had a reaction so we can provide you with some cream to calm the skin down again if required.

Risk of inadequate data. This is rare but any medical device has the potential to fail. If we are unable to obtain enough accurate data from your recording we may need to repeat it.

How do I Wear my Monitor?

Your Holter monitor will be fitted by one of our trained staff using electrode attached to the monitor and sometimes secured with some additional tape. It is essential there is good contact between the electrodes and your skin for the monitor to collect your heart data. We will need to clean your skin with an alcohol wipe and remove any chest hair to ensure the electrodes adhere to your skin for the full length of time you are monitored.

The monitor is not a live feed. Data is stored on the device and only available for us to access once it has been returned and uploaded.

Is my Monitor Waterproof/Can I shower?

Your monitor is waterproof, and you may shower whilst wearing the device. We encourage you to avoid completely submerging the device however as it may reduce how well the electrodes adhere to your chest. We also ask you not to swim whilst wearing the monitor. Lifting of the electrodes can affect how well the device can record your heart rhythm.

When do I remove my Monitor?

You can either remove the device at home and return it to us in a zip-lock bag or have one of our staff remove it for you at the end of your recording period.
The device must be returned for us to review your data and a replacement fee may be payable if lost.

Medicare will only pay a rebate for this procedure every 28 days so if you’ve already had any sort of monitor in the previous month, please advise our staff before having your monitor fitted.